Rudolf Mock Award

From 2010 selected students' presentation is recognized with the best presentation award.
Contributions of students and PhD students presented in English are evaluated by the committee using the evaluation criteria.

In 2010 - 2012 the award was given by Galicia Tectonic Group
From 2013 Rudolf Mock award is given by Geological Club - named after Professor Rudolf Mock - 1943-1996; specialist on conodonts and professor at Comenius University, founder of Geological Club

Rudolf Mock Award 2016

The monetary award in 2016 is 100 EUR and the conference fee coverage for 18th ICYG in Poland 2017

Previous award winners


XVIth ICYG Herlandia in Herľany, Slovakia; May 6-9 2015
Barbro Andersson (Uppsala University, Sweden): Age and metamorphic conditions of the Tjeliken garnet – phengite gneiss (Swedish Caledonides)

XVth ICYG Herlandia in Międzybrodzie Żywieckie, Poland; May 8-10 2014
Karolina Kośmińska (AGH, Krakow): Pressure-temperature estimates on blueschists from the Vestgötabreen complex (Western Svalbard)
coauthors: J. Majka, M. Manecki, G.A. Kozub

XIVth ICYG Herlandia in Svätý Jur, Slovakia; April 4-6 2013
1st place:
Sara Eklöf (Uppsala University, Sweden): Analogue modelling of parasitic folds in Grängesberg, Bergslagen, Sweden

2nd place:
Åke Rosén  (Uppsala University, Sweden): Metamorphic evolution of the seve nappe cpmplex in the Snasahögarna area, Swedish Caledonides
Coauthors: J. Majka, I. Klonowska

3rd place: 
Barbro Andersson (Uppsala University, Sweden): Pressure-temperature estimates on the Tjeliken eclogite from northern Jämtland, Swedish Caledonides
coauthors: J. Majka, I. Klonowska, Å. Rosén


XIIIth ICYG Herlandia in Herľany, Slovakia; April 26-28 2012
Marzena Kohut (AGH, Krakow, Poland): Records of pre and syn-eruptive processes from the Nola Seamount, Cape Verde Island
coauthors: A.K.Barker, D.Morga, V.R.Troll, T.Hansteen, A.Klügel, J.Majka, M.Manecki

XIIth ICYG Herlandia in Kamienica, Poland; April 28-30 2011
Marzena Kohut (AGH, Krakow, Poland): Eruption of Eyjafjallajökull volcano as a manifestation of increasing volcanic activity in Iceland

XIth ICYG Herlandia in Svätý Jur, Slovakia; April 29 - May 1 2010
Matúš Hyžný (PRIF UK, Bratislava, Slovakia): Paleobiogeography of Retroplumidae (Crustacea: Malacostraca: Decapoda: Brachyura)